Rwanda Shines


MISSION: To proclaim the Gospel in word and action

VISION: To help the Rwandan people 


In Christ, All Things are Possible

Rwanda Shines is an American 501c3 nonprofit corporation with a direct focus on promoting the well-being of the people of Rwanda. We have partnered with local Rwandan leaders who are working to raise awareness of their fellow countrymen in order to enlist the help of others to help overcome the great tragedies of the Rwanda 1994 Genocide. Over 800,000 people lost their lives in just 100 days. We are working to make an impact directly. 

Together with our international partners, we are lowering the poverty rate and enabling Rwandans to become self-sufficient through a sustainable church model. Our mission is to help the people of Rwanda with a Christ-centered approach. 

Students at Star School in Rwanda


The Star School was established in 2008 with 45 students. Today, over 700 children attend the school. Almost 200 come from disadvantaged situations and need sponsorship for room, board and tuition. You can sponsor a child today. 

Building Churches


We support building churches, libraries, dining halls, gynmasiums and school rooms. Our mission is to build permanent places for worship and for helping the communities with self-sufficiency techniques and tools.


Feeding the Children


Feeding children in poverty stricken parts of Rwanda is an undaunting proposition. The children are often orphaned but energetic and hopeful for a better future. Food sustains them. Your gift can put real food in their hands.