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Rwanda Shines is an American 501c3 nonprofit corporation with a direct focus on promoting the well-being of the people of Rwanda. We have partnered with local Rwandan leaders who are working to raise awareness of their fellow countrymen in order to enlist the help of others to help overcome the great tragedies of the Rwanda 1994 Genocide. Over 800,000 people lost their lives in just 100 days. We are working to make an impact directly. 


Our Mission

To proclaim the Gospel in word and action.

Our vision is to help the Rwandan people.

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“Rwanda Shines exists to help better the lives of others in Rwanda.” - Bishop Nathan Amooti

Our Impact

Rwanda Shines is the American arm of a Rwanda-based ministry. We work with local Rwandan leaders to invest in education, health, and church buildings. Our in-country ministry partners are on the ground helping people every day. Our model of support and assistance aims at true life transformation that enables long term self sustainability. Because we work through local Rwandan leaders, our organization consumes less than 10% of contributions on administrative costs. That means your giving goes farther to help people in need when you invest through Rwanda Shines.



Million Dollars Raised


Years Serving communities


Thousand children Impacted


Rwanda Shines is managed by a volunteer board of directors that manages all aspects of the charity. Our efforts to tell the story, raise the funds, travel to Rwanda on mission trips and run the business and communications takes a lot of time. Together we meet to discuss critical needs, host fund raising and friend-raising events and provide oversight of all financial records and accountability. While we make decisions about funding priorities, know that all designated funds are directed by the donor. 

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Your tax-deductible contribution will be directed to the area of greatest need or to the place you specifically designate. Gifts of every amount go a long way in Rwanda to changing lives. We encourage you to give in proportion to the blessings you have been given.

Visit Rwanda

If you or a group from your community would like to experience firsthand the dramatic work of restoration and life change taking place in Rwanda, let us know. We would be happy to connect you with the people who can arrange your trip. Be careful though, one trip may well change your life forever.

Schedule a Mission Trip

10 Day (including travel time) mission trips are the perfect introduction to the work and need of restoration and life change being done on the ground in Rwanda. Opportunity for longer term mission trips are possible for those who wish to work alongside Bishop Nathan and his team. Of particular need are people who can teach school, provide health care - and health care training, and developers who are interested in promoting sustainability through micro-businesses.


Rwanda Shines gives you the opportunity to invest in a variety of life changing ministries. Below you will see information related to the fields of service we support through the generosity of people just like you. As you will see, at Rwanda Shines, we believe that life change is best experienced when the needs of the whole person are met - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.



We continue to support the families on the Island of Nkombo and visit the Kamabuye Parish. You can sponsor one of these children today. Donate to help.

The Star School

Education is the key to Rwanda's recovery and success. The need is great. The Star School is the leader in educating a rising generation. It is our mission to support their efforts in Christ-centered education.

Building Churches

Rwanda Shines continues to raise funds to build new churches in Rwanda. We recently dedicated the church building in Kamembe. God works fast in Rwanda.

Preaching & Evangelism

Nothing can change a life so completely like an experience with Jesus Christ. Rwanda Shines operates under the leadership of Jesus Christ and is committed to making sure good news is shared with the people of Rwanda in both word and action.

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