Rwanda shines is the American arm of a Rwanda based ministry. We work with local Rwandan leaders to invest in education, health, and church building. Our in-country ministry partners are on the ground helping people every day. Our model of support and assistance aims at true life transformation that enables long term self sustainability. Because we work through local Rwandan leaders, our organization consumes less than 10% of contributions on administrative costs. That means your giving goes farther to help people in need when you invest through Rwanda Shines.


Star School

Founded by Bishop Nathan Amooti and a small group of people committed to the educational welfare of children in Masaka, the Star School represents a true Rwandan success story. Bishop Nathan managed to secure an overgrown hillside in the outskirts of Rwanda's capital city of Kigali. He conceived of a school that would transform the whole community. Never one to dream small, Bishop Nathan imagined a school that would educate children from the nursery through secondary school graduation. Through sheer determination, prayer, and the generous investment of people like you, the Star School today is nearing completion. Over 750 students are enrolled in Star's nursery, primary, and secondary schools. The school is now self-sustaining, requiring donations only to complete a few capital projects and the ongoing sponsorship need for the neediest students.

Masaka, Rwanda


Mango Tree Church

Where the  bombed out shell of a church once stood, Bishop Nathan and his committed international partners helped construct not only a new church building, but create a brand new community. Meeting under a collection of mango trees - from whence the congregation got its name - this congregation grew under Bishop's Nathan's leadership and vision. Truly, this church exemplifies the very best in Rwanda. Whereas 20 years ago hate caused this church and community to be devastated and destroyed, now the Mango Tree Church stands as a witness to the greater power of love to resurrect and healed!

Kigali, Rwanda