Rwanda Shines - Proven Good Stewardship of your Donations

Rwanda Shines is a proven entity. Our donors have given generously for years and every penny has been used to do the most good on the ground in Rwanda. With no paid staff, Rwanda Shines keeps administrative costs below 10%. That small margin is used solely to cover the cost of safely transmitting funds oversees, providing secure accounting services for the organization and the protection of your gifts, and minor overhead for materials. This means that more of your money makes it into the places it will do the most good. Your tax-deductible gifts to Rwanda Shines will do more and go farther than you might ever believe possible. 

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Star School Wish List

  • Student Sponsorship: $35 per month per student for day schoolers, $60 per month per student for boarding school students ($420-$720 per year)

  • Playgrounds: $75,000

  • Books and Fixtures for the Library: $20,000

  • Wireless Internet in the School: $5,000

  • Back-up Generator for Electricity: $7,000

  • Fencing for Cattle Grazing Fields (student meals): $20,000

  • Furniture for School and Play Areas: $16,000

  • Infrastructure Upgrades (walkways, landscaping, athletic fields, drainage improvements, water well quality, etc): $25,000

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Cyangugu & Kilgali Diocese Wish List

  • Pastors Training: $20,000

  • Christ the King Cathedral Building: $80,000

  • Shagasha Health Center: $90,000

  • Sending Church Planters: $80 each per month

  • Murangi Farm Planting: $13,000

  • Church Building Project: $30,000

  • Bibles: $6.50 per bible

  • Capacity Buiding for Church Workers: $15,000

  • Feeding Children in Cyangugu: Any amount

  • Purchase Small Livestock: $20 per animal, 100 animals for $2,000


Donor Testimonials

What It Means to Give.

Rwanda Shines attracts donors who are looking to make a personal difference in the world. By removing layers of overhead, we directly impact lives in small communities in Rwanda. Our dollars go far and fast into communities that are seeking to be self-sufficient and sustainable. 

  • We are educating a generation of young people

  • We are teaching adults to produce viable livestock and sustainable gardens

  • We provide basic healthcare facilities

  • We build churches in order to make community fellowship and worship a more permanent part of their community

Working alongside the Anglican Diocese and Bishop Nathan Amooti we connect directly to the source of need. Here are just a few of our donor partners and their perspective on why this work is so impactful.


Michael & Molly Amini

"We have worked with Bishop Nathan Amooti and The Star School for seven years. Bishop Amooti believes that the way to transform life in Rwanda is to provide an excellent education to children and introduce them to the teachings of Jesus Christ. We have all watched the entire village of Masaka grow and improve since he has established The Star School. Because of the success of The Star School, our family will remain involved in the years to come." — San Antonio, Texas, USA


Jim & Susan Barnett

"Seeing the need in Rwanda firsthand was life changing. The determination, cheer and good humor of people who subsist on about a dollar a day made us say, 'How could we not share what we have?' The students we met are driven to succeed, and it is our pleasure to help them along their journey." — St. Simon's Island, Georgia, USA


Michael, Kathleen, Meg & Eric Weiss

"The moment you meet Nathan you know you are in the presence of a GREAT MAN. We have always looked for opportunities to help the most in need where our assistance can make the most impact. We love Nathan and his family and admire watching him continue the work of Christ with the wonderful people of Rwanda." — San Antonio, Texas, USA